O U T  N O W !!
when I look into your eyes  r m x s

written by s.besic, d.wilgrove, m.tabak
performed by s.besic
rmxs by chimera state, pit bailay and
gmb feat. ised x eran
published by shift music gmbh
available through all known online download and streaming platforms


samira is a german singer & songwriter & especially known in the eurodance & dance community for her globally successful eurodance hit-singles "get-a-way" for the project maxx,  her solo debut "when i look into your eyes" &  "the rain". these hit the charts and filled the dance floors worldwide! ...and they still do!

samira had started her music career in the 90s & works up to date as a singer & composer for herself & other artists & projects & is currently busy working on new solo material, besides working with the berlin based band clic


 when I look into your eyes rmxs*samira - way out*clic - shadows*clic - um mitternacht*clic - the rain rmxs*samira - where did i go wrong*clic - märchenstunde*clic - officially dead*clic - not me*clic - trapped*clic - silence*clic - do you feel it*clic - fool no more*clic - definition of life*m.engel f. samira - sukarije*kenan f. samira - it was him*samira -  the rain*samira - mystery*lenin - can i feel you*lenin - get up and dance*lenin - i can't get you*samira - gotta have the music*g.e.conxion - love train*samira - when i look into your eyes*samira - get-a-way*maxx - we get around*slam - do what you want*bongo beat